Kayak & Paddleboard Rental Rules

- You must be at least 18 years old or have a parent or guardian sign the rental agreement for your rental.

- Rental period minimum is 2 hours. The last rental of the day will be two hours before sunset.

- A valid Drivers License or State Issues current ID must be left as collateral during the rental period.

- No pets allowed.

- Any loss of equipment must be settled at end of rental period.

- Payment can be via Major Charge Card, Noble Gift Card, Cash or Check. No refunds on rentals.

- All rentals must be returned by 7pm weather permitting.

- When a Kayak is returned late a $5.00 Late Fee will be charged in addition to the hourly rental fee.

Single Kayak/Paddleboard Rental - $20 per hour

Tandem Kayak Rental
$25 per hour

Minimum two hour rental.
Safety Kayak Launch Ramp Use: $5 per day*

*You must sign a waiver to use the launch ramp with your own Kayak.

Three documents that must be signed before renting from Lexington Charter Boat.

Rental Waiver

Boat Rental Agreement

Safety Check Out